Consideration of elasticity of fixed supports in strength calculations of above-ground pipelines||512Application of probabilistic approaches in determining maximum allowable operating pressure||530Limits of time-of-flight-diffraction method applicability at pipeline transport facilities||560Solving problematic problems of developing a dispersant formulation based on finely dispersed solid particles||582

Consideration of elasticity of fixed supports in strength calculations of above-ground pipelines

512 page

Aims & Scope

"Science & Technologies: Oil and Oil Products Pipeline Transportation" (ISSN: 2221-2701 Print, 2541-9595 Online) is a scientific journal in the field of main pipeline transport of oil and oil products.

Aims and Scope
Publication of original research papers of international importance for scientists and specialists in the field of oil and oil products pipeline transportation.

The Journals Themes
The journal covers the following thematic research trends in the field of oil and oil products pipeline transportation:
strength, reliability and durability;
design, construction and operation;
pipeline repair;
materials and equipment;
automatics, telecom engineering and communication;
corrosion protection;
power industry and electrical equipment;
commodity-transport operations and metrological support;
fire and industrial safety;
economics and management;
safety and administration of law;
technical regulation (standardization and compliance evaluation);
innovative development;
professional education;
inventory and logistics management.

Journal authors
The journal contains published articles prepared by researchers, postgraduates, specialists and independent researchers who conduct scientific, educational and industrial activities in the field of trunk pipeline transport of oil and oil products.

The rules and regulations of editorial activities
The editorial staff of the journal in its work is guided by the following principles:
provide peer review of all articles involving authoritative Russian and foreign experts and scientists;
adhere to the procedure of collective discussion of articles by the Editorial Board based on the principle of geographic diversity and membership of various organizations;
abide by international ethics and publishing standards for scientific articles.

Indexing and storage of information
The journal is included in the following databases: Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), Scopus, Web of Science (ESCI, RSCI), Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD), Ulrichs Periodicals Directory.
The priority of the editorial policy is to ensure international scientific information communication and the storage of scientific information by archiving journal issues and articles:
articles and metadata are placed in the Scientific Electronic Library of Russia eLibrary.ru;
mandatory free printed and electronic copies are transferred to the Russian Book Chamber (ITAR-TASS branch) with the aim of distributing publications among the largest library and information organizations in Russia;
printed issues are sent to Chemical Abstracts Service acs.org;
archive of printed and electronic issues is stored in the scientific and technical library of LLC NII Transneft and in the the Journal's Editorial Office.

Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) List
The journal is included in the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications, in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate of sciences, for the degree of doctor of sciences (List of HAC) should be published.
Articles on scientific specialties and corresponding branches of science are published, on which scientific degrees are awarded:
2.5.8. Welding, Related Processes and Technologies (Technical Sciences),
2.5.21. Machines, units and production processes (Technical Sciences),
2.5.22. Product quality management. Standardization. Organization of Production (Technical Sciences),
2.8.5. Construction and Operation of Oil and Gas Pipelines, Bases and Storage Facilities (Technical Sciences),
5.2.3. Regional and Industry Economy (Economics)

Copyright and personal data
The editorial policy of the journal is based on the legal requirements in relation to copyright and allied rights, non-admission of plagiarism, set forth in the legislation of the Russian Federation. The editors ensure the processing and preservation of the author personal data privacy in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 152-FZ On Personal Data.