Computational and experimental studies of the strength of full-scale samples of pipes with defects metal loss and dent with groove||226The assessment of the level of local strengthening of pipe steel welded connections||252The new technology of waste water treatment by using bioreactors with bio membranous movable bed  biochips||276Modelling of diesel fuel penetration depth in protective sand bed||300Analogue-digital rating in oil pipeline transportation: methods for integration with professional qualification system||314

Computational and experimental studies of the strength of full-scale samples of pipes with defects metal loss and dent with groove

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Aims & Scope

"Science and technology of oil and oil products pipeline transport (ISSN: 2221-2701 Print, 2541-9595 Online) the scientific journal in the field of trunk pipeline transportation of oil and oil products.

Aims and Scope
The publication of scientific articles with significant importance for international audience scientists and specialists in the field of oil and oil products transportation by pipelines.

Thematic areas
The articles are published in the following fields of research in the area of trunk pipeline transportation of oil and oil products:
strength, reliability and durability;
design, construction and operation;
pipeline repair;
materials and equipment;
automatics, telecommunication mechanics and communication;
corrosion protection;
power engineering and power equipment;
goods transport operations and metrological support;
fire protection and industrial safety;
economics and management;
law administration and security;
technical regulation (standardization and compliance evaluation);
innovation development;
professional education;
inventory and logistics management.

Journal authors
The journal contains published articles, written by the academic researches, Ph.D. candidates, specialists and individual researches, leading scientific, educational and manufacturing activity in the field of trunk pipeline transport of oil and oil products.

The problem and rules of editorial activity
arranging the reviewing of articles accepted for consideration with involvement of distinguished Russian and foreign specialists and scientists (double blind reviewing);
panel discussions of the articles by the editorial council, arranged according to the principle of geographic diversity and identities of members towards different organizations;
ensuring compliance to the international ethical norms and publishing standards in relation to scientific publications;
high-quality editorial expertise with application of modern design methods for visualization of scientific data;
archiving and distribution of journal issues.

Indexing and record keeping
The journal is included in the following databases: Russian index of scientific citation (registered in the Russian Science Citation Index RSCI), Web of Science (ESCI, RSCI), Chemical Abstracts Service, Norwegian Centre for Research Data, Ulrichs Periodicals Directory.
The priority for editorial policy is the preservation of scientific information by archiving the journal issues and articles:
articles and meta data are placed in the Scientific Electronic Library of Russia eLibrary.ru;
the mandatory free printed and electronic copies are passed to the Russian Central Institute of Bibliography (the branch of ITAR-TASS) for distribution of the issues among the largest Bibliography agencies of Russia;
printed issues are sent to Chemical Abstracts Service acs.org;
the archive of printed and electronic issues are stored in the scientific-technical library of LLC NII Transneft and in the editorial agency.

Presence in the registry of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles
The journal is included in the Registry of the reviewed Russian scientific journals, which shall contain published basic scientific results of Doctoral and Doctor of Philosophy thesis (SCADT registry).
The articles are published in the following industry branches and scientific specialty categories:
05.02.10 Welding, allied processes and technologies (technical sciences);
05.02.13 Machines, machinery and processes (according to industries) (technical sciences);
05.02.22 Manufacture arrangement (according to industries) (technical sciences);
08.00.05 Economics and management of national economy (according to the industries and fields of activity) (economic sciences);
25.00.19 Construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines, oil depots and tank farms (technical sciences).

Copyright and personal data
The editorial policy of the journal is based on legal requirements related to copyright and allied rights, legitimacy and plagiarism, stated in the laws of the Russian Federation. The editorial board bears responsibility for processing and storing confidential personal information of the authors in accordance with the Federal Law RF no. 152-FZ "On personal data".