For authors

The editorial office accepts original scientific articles for publication if they match the subject area of the journal, reflecting the results of scientific research, offering solutions for current production tasks or stating the achievements of Russian and foreign science and technology in the areas of design, construction and operation of oil and oil product pipelines.

The acceptance of articles for publication in the journal is constantly exercised throughout the year. Furthermore, the authors have to take into account that the processes of considering the article, reviewing and editorial-publishing processing take a rather long period of time (3-6 months). With the aim of reduction of terms it is necessary to prepare the articles materials according to the requirements of the Editorial office. Please be aware that the articles prepared without the consideration of the present requirements might not be taken into consideration and probably returned to the authors for a modification.

Before the publication all the articles are obligatory reviewed and receive an official letter informing about the possibility of publication in the scientific journal. The conclusive decision about the publication is taken by the Editorial Board while studying the Editorial calendar of the current journals issue.

The following articles can be published in the journal:

  • Articles written by employees of Transneft R&D, LLC and other subsidiaries of JSC Transneft;
  • Articles written by the specialists of research, design, educational and manufacturing entities, individual implementers and businessmen, carrying on research or practical activity;
  • Articles written by post-graduate students and applicants of research and educational entities;

The Editorial office is guided by the generally accepted rules of ethics observation for scientific publications and the norms of applicable legislation of the Russian Federation concerning proprietary rights. The editorial office has the right to refuse the article in case of non-observance of the following conditions:

  • Article should show currency of the material, prove its scientific novelty and possibility of appliance;
  • In case of application of developing works or citations of other authors the corresponding bibliographical references are to be provided;
  • Article is to be published for the first time. The Editorial office does not accept the articles published earlier or simultaneously directed to the other journals for publication.

Articles are published in the Journal free of charge. The editorial office does not pay authors any royalties. Placement of advertising and promotion materials is possible with the obligatory note This is an advertising material.

The Editorial Board accepts articles drawn up in accordance with the requirements for the scientific article structure in order to ensure their compliance with the requirements of Scopus and Web of Science global citation databases.

The following materials shall be provided to the Editorial office:

  • Paper and electronic version of an article (requirements for form of article);
  • Cover letter signed by the head of an organization*(download form);
  • Authors consent for posting materials from the article on the web-site of the journal and sending them to the Scientific Electronic Library (NEB) to be included into Russian Science Citation Index (download form);
  • Recommendation for publication from scientific advisor or an improvised letter from the chair (sector, section)**.

    * Organization, presenting the article.
    **Only for post-graduate students and applicants.