Vol. 7 № 2, 2017


Article name, authors


Capital of future generations: save and increase

Valentin N. Komaritsa, Natalia N. Sukhorukova

The strength and durability of pipe steels


Research of changes of pipeline metal properties during operation: summary of results and prospective developments of Ufa scolarly tradition

Yury V. Lisin, Dmitriy A. Neganov, Vitaly I. Surikov, Kabir M. Gumerov


Study of the construction of hydraulic stands for testing of tubular products

Dmitry A. Neganov, Evgeny P. Studenov, Sergey V. Skorodumov, Vladislav A. Solovyev

Building, operation and maintenance of pipeline systems for oil and oil products storage and transport


Mixture distribution for serial transfer of petroleum products

Mikhail V. Lurie, Fedor V. Timofeev, Sergey V. Sereda


Computer simulation of the formation process for a large-diameter pipe stock

Dmitry A. Neganov, Grigoriy V. Nesterov, Andrey A. Bogach


Analysis of changes in transient processes occurring in the main pipeline as a result of anti-turbulence additive injection

Vladimir V. Zholobov, Dmitry I. Varybok, Denis V. Egorov


Mechanical behavior of the pipe squeezed by other object based on numerical simulation

Jie Zhang, Han Zhang


Method of determining moisture content of oil for transportation by pipeline

Boris N. Antipov


The question of assessing the mutual influence of compactly located local resistances

Valery Y. Moretskiy, Vladimir V. Zholobov, Dmitry I. Varybok

Corrosion protection


Research of properties of anti-corrosion coatings applied under sub-zero temperature

Aleksandr M. Efremov, Aleksey V. Makarenko, Irina O. Osina


Experience in designing of corrosion protection of underground pipelines at ORS sites

Andrey A. Prokhorov, Valery V. Radchenko, Ruslan A. Zhukov

Materials and equipment


Identification of the fluid type when flooding the CI wells on a linear section of pipelines

Vladimir V. Banko, Ivan I. Klyauta


Simulation of the oil burning process with the admixture of bottom water in fire-tube boilers

Pavel V. Roslyakov, Yury V. Proskurin, Vitaly A. Kozhevnikov



Recent innovations in pipeline seam weld integrity assessment

Ted L Anderson

Professional education


Practice of developing professional standards for specialties being in demand within Transneft system organizations

Yury V. Lisin, Yulia V. Alekseevicheva, Irina S. Simarova, Elena S. Perevedentseva