Vol. 7 № 3, 2017


Article name, authors


One step ahead of today

Natalia N. Sukhorukova


At the beginning of glorious deeds

Valentin N. Komaritsa, Natalia N. Sukhorukova

The strength and durability of pipe steels


On the role of construction and metallurgic defects in destruction failure of main pipelines

Airat R. Khafizov, Maria N. Nazarova, Andrey N. Tsenev, Nikolay K. Tsenev


Justified choice of repeated test interval as a guarantee of faultless pipeline operation

Yury V. Lisin, Dmitriy A. Neganov, Viktor M. Varshitsky

Building, operation and maintenance of pipeline systems for oil and oil products storage and transport


Issue of anti-turbulent additives degradation in pipelines for raw hydrocarbons

Rustam G. Shagiev, Asgat G. Gumerov, Larisa P. Khudyakova


Evaluation of the pipe processing effect on the properties of large diameter metal pipes of strength class K56

Grigory V. Nesterov, Evgeny P. Studenov, Dmitry A. Gavrilov


Efficiency evaluation of technologies for modification of polymeric materials for technical means of oil products supply

Yury N. Rybakov, Sergey I. Chirikov, Aleksandr V. Dedov, Sergey V. Larionov


Technical and economic limits to the application of the horizontal direction drilling method in the construction of underwater transitions of main pipelines

Dinar R. Vafin, Aleksey N. Sapsay, Dmitry A. Shatalov

Economy and management


On specific taxation aspects of the activities of Transneft system organizations at the regional level

Pavel Y. Serikov, Natalya G. Kobceva, Aleksey V. Popov

Materials and equipment


Application of inertial navigation systems for in-line inspection

Maksim Y. Kiryanov, Vyacheslav V. Orlov

Commodity-transport operations and metrological support


Monitoring of processes of oil mixture and flow traffic generation in the main oil pipeline system

Anton A. Shmatkov, Yulia N. Oludina, Alla A. Grishakova

Automatics, telemechanics & comm


Modernization of leak detection system at MOL product pipelines

Ferenc Péterfalvi