Vol. 7 5, 2017 p 97-105


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Research of methods for oil kinematic viscosity calculation in the oil-trunk pipeline

Oleg V. Aralov a, Ivan V. Buyanov a, Anton S. Savanin a, Evgeny I. Iordansky a

a Pipeline Transport Institute, LLC (Transneft R&D, LLC), 47a, Sevastopolskiy prospect, Moscow, 117186, Russian Federation


Abstract: Currently, the measurement of oil kinematic viscosity in the oil-trunk pipeline (OTP) is carried out at certain points corresponding to the location of the operational units of oil quality measurement (UQM). Oil kinematic viscosity measured in UQM at a certain temperature differs from the kinematic viscosity of oil directly in OTP, from which oil is withdrawn to the UQM, due to the difference in oil temperatures in OTP and UQM. Oil kinematic viscosity and temperature correlation investigations, currently applied formulas for the oil kinematic viscosity calculating in OTP analysis, oil kinematic viscosity calculating error minimizing possibility conclusions are carried out by the article authors. Based on the research results, a methodology that will be used to monitor the flowmeters metrological characteristics and to improve the technological modes of OTP operation calculations accuracy has been developed.

Keywords: oil kinematic viscosity, pilot research, calculation procedure, normative document, oil quantity and quality measurement system (SKID), separate units of oil quality measurement, information processing systems.

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