Vol. 7 5, 2017 p 106-110


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Research of polymeric anticorrosive structures for protection of piles of berthing facilities in a zone of variable level

Pavel O. Revin a, Sergey V. Mamonov a, Alexander N. Kolmogorov b

a Pipeline Transport Institute, LLC (Transneft R&D, LLC), 47a, Sevastopolskiy prospect, Moscow, 117186, Russian Federation

b Transneft Kozmino Port, LLC, 78, Nizhne-Naberezhnaya Str., Vrangel city district, 692941, Nakhodka, Primorsky Territory, 692941, Russian Federation


Abstract: Subject of this research is corrosion resistant structures for protection of piles of berthing facilities in varying immersion area. Corrosion resistant structure, consisting of one or few layers of polymer metals, protects the pile (tubular sheet and sheet pile walls, large diameter enclosure) against corrosion and ice load, and is an alternative to corrosion resistant coating (CRC). For last 20 years, corrosion resistant structures are widely used both for construction of new berths and repair of existing ones. However, Russian and international standards contain no requirements for corrosion resistant structures.
Transneft R&D, LLC performs scientific analysis of materials and technologies for corrosion protection of berthing facilities operated within varying immersion area. The analysis studies the properties of corrosion resistant structures available in Russian market. This article reviews the results of laboratory testing of corrosion resistant structures and technological specifics of their installation and operation.

Keywords: corrosion protection, corrosion resistant structure, ports berthing facilities, varying immersion area, piles.

Reference for citing:
Revin P. O., Mamonov S. V., Kolmogorov A. N. Research of polymeric anticorrosive structures for protection of piles of berthing facilities in a zone of variable level. Naukatekhnol. truboprov. transp. neftiinefteprod. = Science & Technologies: Oil and Oil Products Pipeline Transportation. 2017;7(5):106110.

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