Vol. 7 № 4, 2017 p 76-83


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Effectiveness of the side discharge at oil products supply to several consumers

Vyacheslav V. Pavlov a, Georgy N. Matveev a, Leonid M. Bekker a, Konstantin Y. Shtukaturov a

a Giprotruboprovod Institute for Trunk Pipeline Design, JSC (Giprotruboprovod, JSC) 24–1, Vavilova Str., Moscow, 119334, Russian Federation


Abstract: The article considers the following variants of oil products (diesel) supply to several consumers: with the arrangement of side discharge (simultaneous transfer to all consumers) and alternate supply to each consumer separately. Subsequent comparison of the pipeline capacity is made.
For considered variants there were defined the power consumption of the pumps for transfer, the necessity of pressure control unit construction for associated discharge, extension of the oil products quality measurement system at alternate supply and requirements to pump equipment at pump transfer stations and systems of protection against pressure rise at terminals.
As a result of comparison a conclusion has been made on the optimum variant of oil products supply via the pipeline to several consumers. It was defined that the pipeline capacity at simultaneous transfer is larger than at alternate transfer, whereby the difference depends on the side discharge position at he pipeline length. The maximum increase of the capacity for considered example was 19,4 % with side discharge positioning at 10 % distance from the pipeline beginning.

Keywords: oil products transfer, discharge, hydraulic calculations, pipeline capacity

Reference for citing:
Pavlov V. V., Matveev G. N., Bekker L. M., Shtukaturov K. Y. Effectiveness of the side discharge at oil products supply to several consumers. Naukatekhnol. truboprov. transp. neftiinefteprod. = Science & Technologies: Oil and Oil Products Pipeline Transportation. 2017;7(4):76–82.

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