Vol. 7 № 4, 2017 p 84-93


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Investigation of pipelines vibration at testing of high-capacity major pumps

Ivan V. Bukharov a, Valery V. Bodrov a

a Ural Engineering Center, LLC, 6, Rozhdestvenskogo Str., Chelyabinsk 454007, Russian Federation


Abstract: The work describes the arrangement of stand for circumferential pump testing and considers the problem of the origin of vibration of the pipeline DN1000 in the process of НМ10000-210 major pumps testing. The probable reasons for excess vibrations origin are analyzed, including cavitation at the throttling of high power flow. The tasks are set and targets are defined for researches. Conditions and methodology are described for investigations of excessive vibrations reasons. In the course of the second stage of investigations the problem solving methods are proposed and experimentally confirmed. The results of the measurement of the value and range of vibration velocity distribution at various pipeline sections in various testing modes are presented as the criteria of investigation estimation. The impact of additional support mounting on the value of the pipeline vibrations in various testing modes is analized. The recommendations are defined on testing stand improvement, its re-equipment, modernization of Automatic Process Control System and continuation of research works in the process of further operation of testing center.

Keywords: pipeline vibration, pumps testing, flow throttling, cavitation

Reference for citing:
Bukharov I. V., Bodrov V. V. Investigation of pipeline vibrations at testing of high-capacity major pumps. Naukatekhnol. truboprov. transp. neftiinefteprod. = Science & Technologies: Oil and Oil Products Pipeline Transportation. 2017;7(4):84–93.

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