Vol. 7 є 3, 2017 p 48-57


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Evaluation of the pipe processing effect on the properties of large diameter metal pipes of strength class K56

Grigory V. Nesterov a, Evgeny P. Studenov a, Dmitry A. Gavrilov a

a Pipeline Transport Institute, LLC (Transneft R&D, LLC), 47a, Sevastopolskiy prospect, Moscow, 117186, Russian Federation


Introduction. Pipes with a diameter from 530 to 1220 mm designed for construction, repair and reconstruction of main oil pipelines, can now be produced at Russian pipe plants with the help of various technologies for molding the pipe billet.
In this paper, we present the results of experimental studies on the effect of cold metal deformation on a change in the initial mechanical properties of metal during manufacture of large diameter longitudinal welded pipes of strength class K56 using various molding schemes.
Materials and methods. Samples were cut of different areas in the sheet metal and from the corresponding zones of pipes made from this sheet metal for the purpose of evaluating the effect of pipe processing on the mechanical and viscosity and plasticity properties of the metal. Changes in the properties of the metal was assessed on the basis of results of tensile testing of flat full thickness samples and impact testing of samples with a V-notch. Impact tests of samples of sheet metal and pipes were carried out at temperatures of 0 ∞C, minus 20 ∞C, minus 40 ∞C, minus 60 ∞C and minus 80 ∞C with the determination of the proportion of viscous fiber in the fracture of the samples and with of serial curves plotted.
Study results. As a result of experimental studies, it was established that for metal of strength class K56, a drop in the yield strength and relative elongation is characteristic of the pipe processing, regardless of the method of molding the pipe billet and the area of samples cutting. For the metal of pipes made by forming on rollers, the values of the metal impact strength was increase in relation to the initial values.

Keywords: sheet metal, pipe billet, molding, pipe processing

Reference for citing:
Nesterov G.V., Studenov E.P., Gavrilov D.A. Evaluation of the pipe processing effect on the properties of large diameter metal pipes of strength class K56. Naukatekhnol. truboprov. transp. neftiinefteprod. = Science & Technologies: Oil and Oil Products Pipeline Transportation. 2017;7(3):48Ц57.

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