Vol. 7 є 2, 2017 p 66-71


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Mechanical behavior of the pipe squeezed by other object based on numerical simulation

Jie Zhang a, Han Zhang a

a School of Mechatronic Engineering, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610500, China


Abstract: Mechanical damage of the pipe squeezed by other object is one of the important failure modes for oil and gas pipes. Mechanical behavior of a pipe squeezed by other objects was investigated by numerical simulation. Effects of initial indentation depth and diameter-thick ratio on the mechanical behavior of the dented pipe were studied. The results show that the squeezing force, high stress area and the maximum stress increase in the uploading process. In the unloading process, there is a great change for the stress distribution, and elastic deformation recovery occurs in this process. Crosssection of the middle plane is flatted. The deformation of the pipe in the vertical plane is V-shape. In the former stage, the maximum equivalent plastic strain appears on the center part of the pipe. There are two maximum equivalent plastic strain areas with the increasing of the objectТs displacement. In the unloading process, the equivalent plastic strain increase. With the increasing of the initial indentation depth, the resilient rate of the pipe dent decreases, but maximum equivalent plastic strain increases. With the increasing of the diameterthick ratio, the resilient rate increases but the maximum equivalent plastic strain decreases.

Keywords: pipe, numerical simulation, plastic deformation, stress, resilient rate

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