Vol. 7 № 2, 2017 p 78-81


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Research of properties of anti-corrosion coatings applied under sub-zero temperature

Aleksandr M. Efremov a, Aleksey V. Makarenko b, Irina O. Osina b

a Transneft, 57, Bolshaya Polyanka, Moscow, 119180, Russian Federation

b Pipeline Transport Institute, LLC (Transneft R&D, LLC), 47a, Sevastopolskiy prospect, Moscow, 117186, Russian Federation


Abstract: Most of the pipelines for oil and oil products of Transneft PJSC are located in the Extreme North areas and areas considered equal to them. The time period when it is possible to apply anti-corrosion coatings (AC) at the facilities of pipeline transportation is very short at the said regions: it lasts from 3 to 5 months only. Hence, there is a pressing task of finding and testing materials which could be applied under sub-zero air temperature with a condition of an obligatory preservation of AC lifetime. Nature and laboratory tests of AC systems provided by three domestic manufacturers were carried out in order to define a possibility to apply AC under ambient sub-zero temperatures and obtain coatings meeting the requirements of Transneft regulatory documents. The results of these nature and laboratory tests show that the application of AC under specified sub-zero ambient temperature does not provide anti-corrosion protection of external steel surfaces of vessels, metal structures, pipelines and equipment during a required service life. Hence, the extension of work performance time for AC application within the regions of the Extreme North is only possible by arrangement of heated shelters maintaining the ambient temperature of at least 5 °С during work performance.

Keywords: anti-corrosion coating, application of anti-corrosion coatings under low temperature

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