Vol. 7 № 2, 2017 p 82-86


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Experience in designing of corrosion protection of underground pipelines at ORS sites

Andrey A. Prokhorov a, Valery V. Radchenko a, Ruslan A. Zhukov a

a Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC), JSC, 40, building 4, B. Ordynka Str., Moscow, 119017, Russian Federation


Abstract: The article presents the experience in designing of electrochemical corrosion protection (ECCP) at the sites of oil refining stations (ORS) of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium-R (CPC-R), JSC. It is noted that the method that is adopted in Russia for calculation of the protective current in accordance with the minimum current density does not take into account its part that branches off into other grounded metal structures on the site, shielding of the protective current by the grounding system at the ORS, and material of the grounding conductors. This, in its turn, leads to an underestimated value of the design current and, as a result, to insufficient protection of the industrial and auxiliary pipelines at the ORS.
It is concluded that there is a necessity to revise the methods for calculation of the protective current on the ORS sites, clarification of the calculation methods for calculating the soil conductivity at the site with the help of the VES method, as well as the methods for development of recommendations for the joint use of the distributed and concentrated anode groundings and extended EP on the sites.

Keywords: protective current, polarization potential, cathodic protection station, specific conductivity of soil

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