Vol. 8 1, 2018 p 84-91


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Examination of lightning protection and grounding systems for flammable and explosive objects: improvement of technology

Andrey F. Kopysov a, Sergey V. Lukyanov a, Leonid Y. Mogilner b, Nikolay A. Vlasov b

a Transneft, 57 Bolshaya Polyanka Str., Moscow, 119180, Russian Federation
b Pipeline Transport Institute, LLC (Transneft R&D, LLC), 47a, Sevastopolsky prospect, Moscow, 117186, Russian Federation

DOI: 10.28999/2541-9595-2018-8-1-84-91

Abstract: Damage from accidents and fires at pipeline transport facilities, including the cost of the lost product, financial andtime costs for restoration of the facility and environment, may come up to hundreds of millions of rubles. Moreover, emergencies threaten the lives and health of people. In order to eliminate the danger of direct and indirect lightning impact on the facilities of Transneft subsidiaries, it is necessary to perform regular inspection and diagnosis of condition of the lightning protection and grounding systems (LPS). Based on the results of inspections carried out in 20122017 by Transneft R&D, LLC, an analysis of compliance of LPS parameters with the requirements of design documentation and standards has carried out. Systematization of possible non-compliances has been made by two criteria: influence on electrical safety of the facility and the causes of occurrence. The review was carried out separately in the areas of lightning protection and grounding, and, in general, regarding the operation of these systems at fire and explosive hazardous facilities for the main transportation of oil and oil products. It is determined that possible non-compliances of the LPS with standards and technical and/or design documentation are the same for site facilities (oil pumping stations, linear production and dispatching stations, oil depots, etc.) and for facilities of the linear part (assemblies of launch chambers for cleanup and diagnostic facilities, stop valves, etc.).
Based on the analysis, the deadline for repair work is justified and actions to prevent the occurrence of non-compliances are developed. Based on the results of the study, optimal composition of measurements and calculations required for the LPS inspection was determined, and methodology for inspection of LPS facilities of Transneft was updated. There was noted a decrease in the number of non-compliances of these systems with established requirements, which occurred primarily due to making main oil product pipeline facilities consistent with modern standards, and, in general, due to timely elimination of non-compliances by operational services during preparation of facilities for inspections and directly during their performance.

Keywords: lightning, lightning protection, grounding, methods, inspection.

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