Vol. 8 1, 2018 p 92-101


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Application of progressive methods of diagnostics of high voltage power equipment

Sergey V. Pavlenko a, Nikolay V. Silin b, Nikolay I. Ignatyev b

a Transneft Electric Network Service, LLC (branch), 16, bldg 1, Dobrolyubova Str., Moscow, 127254, Russian Federation
b Far Eastern Federal University, 8 Sukhanova Str., Vladivostok, Primorsky Territory, 690000, Russian Federation

DOI: 10.28999/2541-9595-2018-8-1-92-101

Abstract: The article is devoted to topical issues of technical diagnostics of the responsible electric power equipment, in particular, power transformers installed at the facilities of the organizations of the Transneft system.
Concepts of technical diagnostics of power equipment, adopted at CIGRE sessions, as well as by domestic network companies, determined the main goals, tasks and principles of constructing modern systems for technical diagnostics and assessment of the technical condition of high-voltage equipment. One of the tasks, namely, the receipt and processing of an array of diagnostic information, involves the development and implementation of technical means that provide the ability to monitor the technical condition of power equipment under operating voltage without disconnecting it. The economic effect is attributed to the evolutionary substitution of methods related to the disconnection of the main equipment, to monitoring under operating voltage.
Theoretical and experimental studies show that the electromagnetic fields generated by electric power devices in the outer region of space reflect their internal state. As diagnostic parameters, various characteristics of the electromagnetic field can be used. New opportunities in the field of electromagnetic control appear when analyzing the spectral composition of electromagnetic radiation. Scientific teams of the Far Eastern Federal University and the Institute of Automation and Control Processes of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences have developed the basic principles of a new method of electromagnetic monitoring based on monitoring the spectra of intrinsic electromagnetic radiation of high-voltage equipment. Cooperation with Transneft Electric Network Service, LLC allowed to make significant progress in solving the main problems associated with the practical implementation of the method.
The article presents the main theoretical positions of the electromagnetic method for monitoring high-voltage equipment, including the conditions for selecting specific information frequency ranges, recommendations for the composition of information and measuring tools, and methodological aspects of the organization of the procedure for technical diagnosis. It is shown that the composition of the electromagnetic radiation spectra reflects the design features of the monitored equipment. The procedure and results of the practical application of the electromagnetic control method for technical diagnostics of transformer equipment installed on HOPS-1 of the KuyumbaTayshet oil trunk pipeline of Transneft Vostok, LLC are described.

Keywords: electric power equipment, power transformer, technical diagnostics, electromagnetic control, electromagnetic radiation spectrum.

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