Vol. 8 № 1, 2018


Article name, authors

Industry development


Baku – The Baltic – The Pacific Ocean

Design, construction and operation


Measurement techniques of wax appearance temperature in crude oil and diesel fuel

Rustam Z. Sunagatullin, Georgy V. Nesyn, Ilnaz I. Khasbiullin


Modelling of the fluid flow in the presence of drag reducing additives

Alexey Y. Kokhanovsky, Konstantin V. Toropetsky, Vladimir N. Ulyanov, Gleb A. Borisov, Eduard V. Usov


Criterion to define the category of technical state for tower-type constructions

Evgeny Y. Sergeevtsev, Sergey A. Pavlyushchik, Nikolay S. Grafov

Strenght, reliability, durability


Numerical and analytical calculation of the stress condition of an underground pipeline with due consideration of its configuration

Kabir М. Gumerov, Rustam А. Kharisov, Andrey A. Raspopov


Assessment of cracked pipe by Monte Carlo method subject to transient flow

Mohamed Hassani, Omar Bouledroua, Mohammed Hadj Meliani, Mohamed Sadou, Guy Pluvinage


In-line inspection and inertial navigation: the experience of Transneft Diascan, JSC

Dmitry Y. Glinkin, Maxim Y. Kiryanov

Commodity-transport operations and metrological support


Decrease of volume of oil products mixture during batching

Nikita N. Golunov

Corrosion protection


To the question of the expediency of inhibitor protection

Larisa P. Khudyakova, Alexander A. Shestakov


Numerical analysis of corroded structures with ANSYS APDL

Habib Berrekia, Adel Chouiter, Djebbara Benzerga

Energy development and electrical equipment


Examination of lightning protection and grounding systems for flammable and explosive objects: improvement of technology

Andrey F. Kopysov, Sergey V. Lukyanov, Leonid Y. Mogilner, Nikolay A. Vlasov


Application of progressive methods of diagnostics of high voltage power equipment

Sergey V. Pavlenko, Nikolay V. Silin, Nikolay I. Ignatyev

Safety and administration of law


Legal regulation of environmental and industrial safety of pipeline transport: exploring the United Kingdom and France

Valery I. Salygin, Svetlana G. Radionova, Igbal A. Guliev, Maria I. Ryabova

Materials and equipment


Compact expanding gate valve

Vladimir I. Voronov, Ilya A. Flegentov, Alexander N. Petelin