Vol. 8 № 4, 2018


Article name, authors

Strenght, reliability, durability


Development of test stand for concrete weight coated pipes

Yury А. Mayants, Dmitry I. Shiryapov, Alexey S. Alikhashkin


Features of analysis of main pipelines seismic resistance

Nikolay А. Makhutov, Alexander O. Chernyavsky


Corrosion defect harmfulness by domain failure assessment diagram

Guy Pluvinage, Omar Bouledroua, Mohammed Hadj Meliani

Design, construction and operation


Experimental studies of the operational properties of asphaltene-resin-paraffin deposits formed in main oil pipelines

Rustam Z. Sunagatullin, Rinat M. Karimov, Mikhail E. Dmitriev, Maria I. Baykova

Commodity-transport operations and metrological support


Problems of high-viscosity oil accounting using turbine flowmeter

Alexander Y. Lyapin, Rustem R. Nurmukhametov

Pipeline repair


Modern techniques for field repair of insulation coating of underground pipelines

Pavel O. Revin, Alexey V. Makarenko, Andrey A. Gubenkov



Specific aspects of the quality control for weldolet weld joints

Nikolay G. Goncharov, Igor I. Mikhailov, Alexey A. Yushin

Technical regulation (standardization, compliance assessment)


Automatic control of processes for products conformity assessment applied in Transneft

Oleg V. Aralov, Ivan V. Buyanov, Sergey I. Vyunov, Andrey A. Rublev

Corrosion protection


Modification of properties of aluminum protective anodes by nanopowder materials

Ivan T. Panov, Valentin K. Manolov, Anatoly N. Cherepanov


Biocorrosion as a factor in the underground pipeline degradation process

Larisa P. Khudyakova

Fire and industrial safety


The basic principles of building a quality management system for prevention, localization and liquidation of effects of accidents at pipeline transport facilities

Vladislav N. Slepnev, Alexander F. Maksimenko

Power industry and electrical equipment


Forecast for development of methods and means of Russian energy systems management

Vasily V. Oreshkov, Andrey V. Nikolaychuk, Andrey P. Shevchenko, Alexander D. Salishchev, Maxim V. Gnuskov, Alexander F. Prikhodko, Rishat R. Sakhapov, Damir M. Khabibullin, Egor A. Mikhailov, Pavel O. Kropotin, Artyom V. Vasin, Vyacheslav S. Chaykin, Eugeny N. Rogoshkin, Denis Y. Voronin, Sergey A. Lysenko