Vol. 8 5, 2018


Article name, authors

Strenght, reliability, durability


Engineering evaluation of the performance of defect-free girth welds of underground pipelines in areas with nonnormative axis curvature

Victor M. Varshitsky, Sergey N. Zhulidov

Design, construction and operation


Application of drag reducing agents in "hot" oil pipelines

Vladimir V. Zholobov, Georgy V. Nesyn, Fedor S. Zverev, Ilnaz I. Khasbiullin, Marat I. Valiev


Engineering solutions implemented for conversion of oil pipelines into oil products pipelines

Sergey B. Khotnichuk, Fedor V. Timofeev, Andrey A. Kuznetsov, Yulia N. Oludina


Design aspects for connections, supports and expansion loops in pipelines made by composite materials

Dimitrios G. Pavlou

Product shipping operations and metrological support


Nodal rheological task of oil mixing for optimal distribution of flows in branched pipeline network

Radmir R. Tashbulatov, Rinat M. Karimov, Anvar R. Valeev, Boris N. Mastobaev


On the approach to performance evaluation oil blending stations

Egor S. Dubovoy, nton . Shmatkov, Nataliya V. Shtonda, Alexander Y. Lyapin

Automatics, telecom engineering and communications


Analysis of the influence of the characteristics of measuring equipment on the performance of parametric leak detection methods

Rustam Z. Sunagatullin, Sergey A. Korshunov, Yury V. Datsov

Materials and equipment


Experimental bench for multi-factor studies of properties of drag reducing agents for oil and oil products

Marat I. Valiev, Fedor S. Zverev, Anton V. Avdey


Development of the parallel slide valve

Dmitry A. Dvornikov, Maxim N. Kazantsev, Ilya . Flegentov, Radik . Giniyatov

Corrosion protection


The use of composite materials for the protection of berthing facilities against corrosion and mechanical damage

Alexey V. Makarenko, Sergey V. Mamonov, Irina O. Osina



Complex technology for localization and elimination of oil and oil products spills under conditions of sludge and broken ice in seaports water areas

Arina V. Nikolaeva, Mikhail A. Troshin, Ilmar R. Aysmatullin, Anton N. Radchenko

Industry development


Independent assessment of qualification: participants in the system, assessment tools and their development phases

Alexander N. Chentsov, Irina S. Simarova, Yulia V. Alekseevicheva, Roman S. Bliznetsov