Vol. 9 № 2, 2019


Article name, authors

Strength, reliability, durability


Complex strength analysis of main pipelines

Dmitry A. Neganov

Design, construction and operation


Numerical method of identification of the pipeline hydraulic characteristics for under turbulent flow of viscous liquids

Khanlar M. Gamzaev


The influence of asphaltenes and resins on drag reducing additive efficiency

Ilnaz I. Khasbiullin, Marat I. Valiev, Maxim V. Sukhovey, Mursalim M. Gareev


The choice of the weldolet parameters based on computer modeling

Andrey V. Vremenko, Nikolay G. Goncharov, Pavel А. Ponomarev, Oleg I. Kolesnikov


Modeling the thermal-hydraulic effect of wax layer

Rustam Z. Sunagatullin, Rinat M. Karimov, Radmir R. Tashbulatov, Boris N. Mastobaev


Organizational and technical measures on using cryogels for improvement of soil bearing capacity in construction and operation of pipeline transport facilities

Liubov K. Altunina, Petr V. Burkov, Vladimir P. Burkov, Vitaly Y. Dudnikov, Galina G. Osadchaya

Materials and equipment


Pilot application of foam glass gravel for the construction of main pipelines facilities in difficult geocryological conditions

Georgy V. Mosolov, Vitaly A. Kumallagov

Product shipping operations and metrological support


Features of change in additivity rules for viscosity and density of a mixture of dissimilar oils in the Timan-Pechora oil and gas province

Alexander Y. Lyapin, Vladimir O. Nekuchaev, Mikhail M. Mikheev, Anton A. Sokolov


Prospects of application of fiber-optic sensors of physical quantities as measuring instruments in leak detection systems

Denis V. Bondar, Sergey A. Korshunov, Yury V. Datsov


A study on friction loss and holdup ratio in the water lubricated pipeline transportation of heavy oil

Sayeed Rushd, Aziz Rahman

Fire and industrial safety. Labor protection


Increasing the level of industrial safety during hot and gas hazardous works, using a system for constant monitoring the concentration of hydrocarbon vapors of oil and oil products

Andrey K. Zaytsev, Sergey A. Polovkov, Vitaly V. Kriulin, Ilmar R. Aysmatullin, Alexander A. Gonopolsky

Economy and management


System cause-and-effect approach to structure development and control of gas station nets

Alexey A. Bezrodny, Renat R. Yunushev, Anatoly M. Korolyonok


Creating high performance machinery complexes using the indicators of reliability of technological resources

Ilya V. Gladkov

Industry development


Scientific foresight law

Natalia N. Suhorukova