Vol. 9 № 3, 2019


Article name, authors

Design, construction and operation


Approximate theory of a disk rheometer for testing of drug reducing agents

Nikita N. Golunov, Michail V. Lurie


The prospects of DRA for reducing the energy consumption of thermal stations in a “hot” pumping

Vladimir V. Zholobov, Sergey V. Sinelnikov, Anna I. Ignatenkova


Information and analytical complex of monitoring minimum distances from pipelines to industrial and civil objects

Valentina A. Korolyonok


Construction of a two-mesh dome roof for a tank

Mikhail G. Karavaichenko, Syumbel R. Abdrafikova


Indicators of reliability of technological resources in the construction and repair of oil and gas facilities

Ilya V. Gladkov, Anatoly M. Korolyonok

Strength, reliability, durability


Determination of stress-strain state of the pressure pipeline section by the coercive force measurement results

Ruslan V. Aginey, Rustem R. Islamov, Elmira A. Mamedova


Flap pressure and arrest length considerations in propagating shear failure

Brian N. Leis, Andrew Cosham



Application of the TOFD method to monitor the transition welded joints of the vertical steel tank walls

Dmitry A. Neganov, Oleg I. Filippov, Igor I. Mikhailov, Alexey V. Geit, Petr S. Golosov

Materials and equipment


The use of electromagnetic and acoustic thickness gauges in the diagnostics of metal structures and mechanical process equipment

Leonid Y. Mogilner, Andrey V. Vremenko, Nikolay N. Skuridin, Oleg A. Pridein

Automatics, telecom engineering and communication


Approbation results and main directions to develop the software control module for measuring channels

Oleg V. Aralov, Ivan V. Buyanov, Vyacheslav V. Kuzmin

Corrosion protection


Effect of hydrogen sulfide in oil on the main pipeline corrosion resistance

Larisa P. Khudyakova, Alexander А. Shestakov, Ilshat R. Farkhetdinov

Commodity-transport operations and metrological support


Oil products purity monitoring in transportation through the main pipelines

Ruslan R. Kupkenov, Anna S. Aberkova, Egor S. Dubovoy, Andrey A. Kuznetsov, Fedor V. Timofeev

Fire and industrial safety. Labor protection


Fire risk analysis in oil, gas and chemical industries

Irina I. Rashoyan