Vol. 9 4, 2019 p 387-393


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The analysis of design procedures for longitudinal stability of main pipeline sections

Irina G. Silina a, Eugeny A. Gilmiyarov b, Vadim A. Ivanov a

a Industrial University of Tyumen, 38, Volodarskogo Str., 625000, Tyumen, Russian Federation
b NGSN-R, LLC, 194, Kamchatskaya Str., 625000, Tyumen, Russian Federation

DOI: 10.28999/2541-9595-2019-9-4-387-393

Abstract: The approaches to determining the longitudinal stability of underground sections of main pipelines in specifications and technical literature are considered. A comparative analysis of the methods used to assess longitudinal stability is carried out, the advantages and disadvantages of the calculation in accordance with each of them are noted. Under described methods a checking stability calculation for curved section of a main pipeline of category III (laid in unwatered soil) was performed.
It is established that the method developed by A. B. Aynbinder is optimal for determining the longitudinal stability of pipeline sections in difficult climatic conditions, namely in unwatered and seasonally thawing soils. The methodology given in Code of practice 36.13330.2012 Main pipelines is the most suitable for calculating sections of low categories pipelines, however, this methodology needs to updated. Simultaneously with the development of a unified methodology within the framework of one regulatory document, it is recommended to develop additions that allow to take into account the possible exit of the pipeline from the elastic deformations zone with a change in the characteristics of steel and the low load capacity of peaty soil.

Keywords: main pipeline, longitudinal stability of the pipeline, calculation dependencies.

For citation:
Silina I. G., Gilmiyarov E. A., Ivanov V. A. The analysis of design procedures for longitudinal stability of main pipeline sections. Nauka i tehnologii truboprovodnogo transporta nefti i nefteproduktovScience & Technologies: Oil and Oil Products Pipeline Transportation. 2019;9(4):387393.

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