Vol. 9 4, 2019 p 468-477


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Review of the experience of work of U.S. organizations on products conformity assessment

Oleg V. Aralov a, Valery I. Salygin b, Ivan V. Buyanov a, Igbal A. Guliev b, Sergey I. Vyunov a, Vladimir Y. Tuzov a

a Pipeline Transport Institute, LLC (Transneft R&D, LLC), 47a, Sevastopolsky prospect, Moscow, 117186, Russian Federation
b International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (MIEP MGIMO), 76 Prospect Vernadskogo, Moscow, 119454, Russian Federation

DOI: 10.28999/2541-9595-2019-9-4-468-477

Abstract: The U.S. product conformity assessment systems are reviewed. Despite the existence of international standards in the field of conformity assessment of products that are valid in the United States, these systems have inherent features that are specific only to this country. With the important role of the government in the U.S. conformity assessment system, non-governmental and non-profit organizations that provide competition and diversity in this sphere are of particular importance. This article describes key US organizations that conduct product conformity assessment, as well as accreditation of product conformity assessment companies, draw up technical standards and regulatory documents, such as the American National Standards Institution (ANSI), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the American Petroleum Institute (API), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The schemes and the structure of these authorities are given. Furthermore, the interaction work of customer companies with counterparties (manufacturers and suppliers of these products), including electronic platforms such as ISNetworld and NCMS, was reviewed.

Keywords: conformity assessment, certification system, core products register, normative documentation expertise.

For citation:
Aralov O. V., Salygin V. I., Buyanov I. V., Guliev I. A., Vyunov S. I.,Tuzov V. Y. Review of the experience of work of U.S. organizations on products conformity assessment. Nauka i tehnologii truboprovodnogo transporta nefti i nefteproduktovScience & Technologies: Oil and Oil Products Pipeline Transportation. 2019;9(4):468477.

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