Vol. 9 № 4, 2019


Article name, authors

Industry development


Scientific support of production

Natalia N. Suhorukova

Design, construction and operation


Assessing the certainty of determining the pipeline leakage position

Anton M. Chionov, Artur A. Amerkhanov, Igor S. Simonov, Semyon V. Petrenko


The analysis of design procedures for longitudinal stability of main pipeline sections

Irina G. Silina, Eugeny A. Gilmiyarov, Vadim A. Ivanov


The analysis of the operating mode of the large volume oil tank

Nikolay N. Gorban, Gennady G. Vasilyev, Igor A. Leonovich


An approach to assessing the performance of paraffin inhibitors

Egor S. Dubovoy, Nafis N. Khafizov, Andrey A. Kuznetsov

Strength, reliability, durability


Limit state of pipeline with circumferential defect

Victor M. Varshitsky, Oleg A. Kozyrev, Andrey A. Bogach

Economy and management


The integration of tariff wage systems with national (sectoral) qualifications framework levels

Elena V. Shchurova, Igor V. Lyamkin

Materials and equipment


Promising areas for developing ultrasonic inline inspection tools

Dmitry Y. Glinkin, Alexey V. Mezhuev, Maxim I. Yudin


The permeability of polymeric materials for technical storage of petroleum products

Yury N. Rybakov, Alexander V. Dedov, Sergey V. Larionov

Corrosion protection


Evaluation of an empirical model to predict maximum pitting corrosion rate in wet sour crude transmission pipelines

Thibault Villette, Abderrazak Traidia, Sankara Papavinasam, Abdelmounam M. El-Sherik

Commodity-transport operations and metrological support


Oil product losses rationing in the airport fuel supply system

Stanislav G. Bazhaykin, Rustem R. Mukhametzyanov, Alexander V. Stepanyugin

Automatics, telecom engineering and communication


Organizing the monitoring of vulnerabilities in the CPCS software and hardware

Tatyana V. Khozyainova, Ivan A. Shechev, Dmitry А. Kobzev, Zakhar S. Bengart, Elvina G. Kutlubaeva

Technical regulation (standardization, compliance assessment)


Review of the experience of work of U.S. organizations on products conformity assessment

Oleg V. Aralov, Valery I. Salygin, Ivan V. Buyanov, Igbal A. Guliev, Sergey I. Vyunov, Vladimir Y. Tuzov