Vol. 9 № 5, 2019


Article name, authors

Strength, reliability, durability


Formation of knowledge base and data banks for justification of strength reliability of oil and oil products pipeline transportation system

Dmitry А. Neganov


Reduced load cycling of tank

Victor M. Varshitsky, Andrey A. Belkin, Oleg A. Kozyrev


Research of the Brillouin frequency shift damage dependence from mechanical stresses in an optical sensor

Ruslan V. Aginey, Rustem R. Islamov, Alexander A. Godunov

Design, construction and operation


Drilling tool structure and assembly impact on the construction process of underwater passages using directional drilling method

Rim A. Kapaev, Zarif Z. Sharafutdinov

Pipeline repair


Determination of permissible value for damming the area of waterway during repair of pipeline sections with non-standard depth of location

Valery А. Gruzdev, Artyom Y. Ustinov, Ekaterina A. Sabajda


Elimination of pipeline defects using steel sealing caps

Nikolay G. Goncharov, Alexey A. Yushin, Oleg I. Kolesnikov, Artyom V. Sudnik



Improvement of accuracy in measurement of sea surface oil film thickness using two-wave double range method

Ramiz A. Eminov, Nemat Z. Mursalov, Arshad F. Akhmedov


Influence of operating factors on the performance of oil vapor recovery adsorption plants

Aleksey А. Korshak, Natalya А. Vykhodtseva, Marat Т. Gaysin, Andrey A. Korshak, Vladimir V. Pshenin

Corrosion protection


Modeling of electromagnetic fields of pipelines cathodic protection systems in horizontally-layered media

Vladimir N. Krizsky, Pavel N. Aleksandrov, Alexey A. Kovalskii, Sergey V. Viktorov

Power industry and electrical equipment


Application of the method of monitoring partial discharges in insulation of high-voltage electrical machine stators

Sergey V. Pavlenko, Vladimir A. Kotov, Stanislav S. Golubev

Economy and management


Digital technologies in the system of professional qualifications: competence based approach

Igor V. Lyamkin