Vol. 9 6, 2019 p 683-691


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Improving power efficiency of partially loaded pipelines with variable frequency drives

Pavel A. Revel-Muroz a, Georgy N. Matveev b, Leonid M. Bekker b, Konstantin Y. Shtukaturov b

a Transneft, 4, bldg 2, Presnenskaya Embankment, Moscow, 123112, Russian Federation

b Giprotruboprovod Institute for Trunk Pipeline Design, JSC (Giprotruboprovod, JSC), 241, Vavilova Str., Moscow, 119334, Russian Federation

DOI: 10.28999/2541-9595-2019-9-6-683-691

Abstract: The possibility of reducing energy consumption in the operation of the main pipeline under the conditions of underloading by including additional pump units with reduced rotor speed by means of a frequency-adjustable drive is considered.Under these conditions, the pump operating point (pump capacity, pressure) approaches the rated pumping capacity, increasing pump efficiency and reducing power and power consumption per pump. The article compares the operation modes of the main pipeline section with the specified pumping capacity of 35 Mt/year (60 % of the design load) when one, two and three main pumps (MNA) equipped with a frequencyadjustable drive are turned on. The calculation of the power consumed for pumping is performed taking into account the dependence of the speed-adjustable drive and the efficiency of the electric motor from the load and speed of the electric motor. The calculation determined the amount of power savings when adding additional pumping units. It is established that, when the second MNA is turned on, the power savings per pump was 3.7 % compared to the mode at one running pump. However, this figure is 1.9 % when the third pump is turned on, due to lower motor efficiency and lower speed of the frequency-adjustable drive under-loading conditions.

Keywords: increased energy effificiency, main pipeline, variable frequency drive, reduced energy consumption, main pumping unit, oil pumping station.

For citation:
Revel-Muroz P. A., Matveev G. N., Bekker L. M., Shtukaturov K. Y. Improving power efficiency of partially loaded pipelines with variable frequency drives. Nauka i tehnologii truboprovodnogo transporta nefti i nefteproduktovScience & Technologies: Oil and Oil Products Pipeline Transportation. 2019;9(6):683691.

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