Vol. 10 2, 2020


Article name, authors

Strength, reliability, durability


Effect of pipe expansion on the redistribution of residual stresses after molding

Nikolay A. Makhutov, Dmitry A. Neganov, Eugeny P. Studenov


Experimental studies on the possibility of manufacturing cold bends with increased bending angles

Grigory V. Nesterov, Olga A. Zadubrovskaya, Dmitry A. Gavrilov, Pavel V. Poshibaev


Determining the minimum pitch for measuring the spatial position of a pipeline when assessing the stress-strain state from the soil surface

Ruslan V. Aginey, Rustem R. Islamov, Elmira A. Mamedova, Alexey A. Firstov, Victor A. Seredyonok

Design, construction and operation


The construction of the turbulence phenomenological theory in a liquid with drug reducing additives

Nikita N. Golunov, Mikhail V. Lurie


Investigation of the reasons for decreased efficiency of depressant additives during the pumping of paraffinic oils

Alexander Y. Lyapin, Vladimir O. Nekuchaev, Sergei K. Ovchinnikov, Mikhail M. Mikheev


A set of non-destructive testing methods used for diagnosing the foundations of pumping units

Leonid Yu. Mogilner, Oleg A. Pridein, Eugeny Y. Sergeevtsev

Materials and equipment


Cryogels as a solution to the issues of environmental management and trunk pipeline operation in Arctic

Lyubov K. Altunina, Vladimir P. Burkov, Petr V. Burkov, Vitaly Y. Dudnikov, Galina G. Osadchaya, Varvara S. Ovsyannikova, Maria S. Fufaeva

Corrosion protection


The method of determining the polarization potential during corrosion surveys of underground pipelines

Andrey . Bolotov

Power industry and electrical equipment


Application of a wind-diesel power station as the major power supply source for an oil pumping station

Timur G. Shmakov



Method for predicting the degree of hydrocarbon vapor recovery at absorption

Aleksey . Korshak, Arina V. Nikolaeva, nna S. Nagatkina, Marat . Gaysin, Andrey A. Korshak, Vladimir V. Pshenin

Fire and industrial safety


System of measures to reduce risks and reduce the risks of disasters in order to increase economic security

Vladimir . Puchkov