Vol. 10 4, 2020


Article name, authors

Design, construction and operation


3D-GIS for support of works on geotechnical monitoring of objects of main pipelines

Elizaveta M. Makarycheva, aras I. Kuznetsov, Sergey A. Polovkov, Alexander I. Baryshev, Elena A. Pokrovskaya


Long-term prediction of runoff characteristics using the mathematical modeling of hydrological processes

Tatyana L. Rykova, Dmitry Y. Kazakov

Strength, reliability, durability


Development of the mathematical model for assessing the optimal measurement step when surveying the depth of the underground pipeline from the ground

Ruslan V. Aginey, Rustem R. Islamov, Alexey A. Firstov, Elmira A. Mamedova, Zhanna Y. Kapachinskikh


Determination and prediction of the stress-strain state of pipeline, taking into account soil changes during operation

Aydar . Gumerov, Rinat M. Karimov, Robert . Askarov, Khiramagomed Sh. Shamilov

Pipeline repair


Pipe metal and welded connection defect repair by cladding

Nikolay G. Goncharov, Alexey A. Yushin, Oleg I. Kolesnikov, Pavel A. Ponomarev

Commodity-transport operations and metrological support


Methodological approaches to modeling the conditions for the formation of technological losses of oil and petroleum products due to evaporation from tanks

onstantin . Lesnykh, Aleksey . Korshak, Nafis N. Khafizov, Andrey A. Kuznetsov

Power industry and electrical equipment


Autonomous system of thermal power equipment of the next generation

Pavel A. Revel-Muroz, Pavel V. Roslyakov, Yury V. Proskurin, Igor L. Ionkin, Andrey F. Kopysov, Bronislav G. Grisha


Development of a standard-size range of part-turn electric drives

Dmitry A. Dvornikov, Vladimir I. Voronov, Ilya . Flegentov, Radik . Giniyatov



Analysis of the efficiency of stage-by-stage treatment of rainwater and industrial wastewater during the operation of oil pipelines and petroleum products pipelines

Arina V. Nikolaeva, Natalya A. Zhitova, Pavel . Agafonov, Sergey A. Polovkov, Lidia . Norina, Mikhail A. Troshin


Method of forming an additional indicator for assessing the viscosity of degraded oil during an oil spillage on the sea surface

Rashad Sh. Mammadly, Ramiz A. Eminov, Hikmat H. Asadov

Technical regulation (standardization, compliance assessment)


Review of the experience of product conformity assessment organizations in Canada

Oleg V. Aralov, Ivan V. Buyanov, Sergey I. Vyunov, Vladimir Y. Tuzov

Fire and industrial safety


Determination of efficiency parameters of foaming agents for layer-by-layer extinguishing of gasoline containing water-soluble flammable liquids

Dmitry V. Kalachinsky, Dmitry . Ivanchenko