Vol. 11 № 2, 2021


Article name, authors

Design, construction and operation


Express calibration method for a mathematical model of interaction between the underground pipeline and the surrounding frozen ground

Alexey Y. Gunar, Vanda Z. Khilimonyuk, Lev N. Khrustalev, Eduard А. Pelikh, Alexey А. Korotkov


Optimization of design solutions for main pipeline projects in conditions of island and intermittent permafrost

Khiramagomed Sh. Shamilov, Rinat M. Karimov, Aydar K. Gumerov, Anvar R. Valeev, Radmir R. Tashbulatov

Strength, reliability, durability


Laboratory researches of the magnetic-anisotropic method for monitoring the stress-strain state of pipelines

Leonid Yu. Mogilner, Nikolay N. Skuridin


Ensuring the strength and stability of the tank wall during repairs by installing rigid frames

Artem N. Zadumin, Eugeny G. Ilyin, Mikhail V. Likhovtsev, Alexey A. Katanov


Failure pressure prediction of pipeline with single corrosion defect using artificial neural network

Kiu Toh Chin, Thibankumar Arumugam, Saravanan Karuppanan, Mark Ovinis

Commodity-transport operations and metrological support


Compatibility assessment at oil types mixing for joint transportation

Anton А. Shmatkov, Natalia V. Shtonda, Yulia N. Oludina


Assessment of the effect of changes in oil properties on measurement accuracy when using MVTM type turbine flow converters

Alexander N. Teplykh, Peter S. Gulyaev

Power industry and electrical equipment


Numerical modeling of the flow section of shaftless combined pump-electric motor

Eugeny F. Denisov, Stanislav G. Bazhaykin, Egor А. Tigulev, Marat Z. Yamilev


Optimization of operating modes of the main oil pipeline according to the criterion of minimum costs for electric energy payment

Mikhail V. Lurie, Ekaterina O. Shtanko


Improvement of the methodology assessment of reliability heat supply systems at the facilities of main pipelines

Marina N. Ilyina, Dmitry V. Laryushkin

Technical regulation


National standard on heavyweight marine booms: development experience and general requirements

Grigory V. Zyabkin, Sergey A. Polovkov, Alexander E. Gonchar, Vladislav N. Slepnev

Automatics, telecom engineering and communication


Design patterns for software automation processes for products conformity assessment

Oleg V. Aralov, Ivan V. Buyanov, Sergey I. Vyunov, Andrey A. Rublev



Modern ideas about natural monopolies and their tariff regulation. Part 2. State regulation

Pavel Y. Serikov, Nadezhda V. Goncharova, Irina P. Serikova