Vol. 11 № 3, 2021


Article name, authors

Design, construction and operation


Physical statement of the problem for a numerical model of soil freezing and heaving taking into account heat and mass transfer

Viktor G. Cheverev, Eugeny V. Safronov, Alexey A. Korotkov, Alexander S. Chernyatin


Application of modern soil models for numerical calculations of tank bases and foundations

Georgy V. Mosolov, Ilya L. Dimov


Construction of an underground pipeline in permafrost conditions, taking into account the minimization of thermal effect on the soil and increasing energy efficiency during operation

Kseniya V. Kozhaeva, Elvina A. Akchurina


Unsteady operating modes of a "hot" oil pipeline considering the thermal field of the surrounding ground

Mikhail V. Lurie, Natalya P. Chuprakova


Assessment of the impact of ice gouging on the Arctic marine pipeline systems

Irina G. Silina, Vadim A. Ivanov, Sergey V. Znamenshchikov

Corrosion protection


Application of factory-applied epoxy coatings for corrosion protection of buried trunk pipelines

Alexander M. Efremov, Petr D. Volyansky, Pavel O. Revin, Sergey V. Anufriev

Power industry and electrical equipment


Methodology for criteria-based assessment of energy efficiency of main pipeline pumps

Еgor А. Ryabtsev



The employment of used petroleum products as fuel for thermal waste incineration

Arina V. Nikolaeva, Vitaly А. Kozhevnikov, Vera A. Chernykh, Oleg V. Naydenov, Rustam R. Davletyarov, Alexander V. Salnikov


Environmental risk assessment in the work performance at the construction facilities

Rustem N. Sitdikov, Elena A. Vaychulis

Technical regulation


Improvement of the conformity assessment system for the improvement of pipe products quality

Oleg V. Aralov, Ivan V. Buyanov, Sergey I. Vyunov, Maxim A. Tkachuk


The issues of controlling the use of chemical reagents to ensure the safety and efficiency of oil production, treatment and transportation

Ilnaz I. Khasbiullin, Anton A. Shmatkov

Automatics, telecom engineering and communication


Application of source code static analysis methods to ensure security of APCS

Alexander V. Knysh, Dmitry A. Kobzev, Oksana N. Davidenko, Sergey A. Detistov, Ivan A. Shechev, Alyona A. Khenerina, Ivan I. Ulyashev