Vol. 11 4, 2021


Article name, authors

Strength, reliability, durability


Substantiation of probabilistic safety factors as a factor for optimizing the metal consumption of pipelines and the permissible operating pressure

Yury G. Matvienko, Dmitry A. Kuzmin, Vladimir V. Zatsarinnyy, Maxim S. Pugachev, Vladimir V. Potapov


Elastic-plastic bending of the pipeline under combined loading

Victor M. Varshitsky, Eugeny P. Studenov, Oleg A. Kozyrev, Eldar N. Figarov

Design, construction and operation


Features of designing underwater crossings of main pipelines under the conditions of riverbed and floodplain multi-branchness

Viktor M. Katolikov, Dmitry B. Kaziakbarov, ndrey . Maltsev, Anna O. Vlasova


Modified equations for hydraulic calculation of thermally insulated oil pipelines for the case of a power-law fluid

Marat Z. Yamilev, Azat M. Masagutov, Alexander . Nikolaev, Vladimir V. Pshenin, Natalya A. Zaripova, Kristina I. Plotnikova


Mathematical model of pressure distribution in a main pipeline during pumping with the use of drug reducing agents, taking into account their degradation

Mursalim M. Gareev, Marat I. Valiev, Philipp . Karpov

Corrosion protection


Experimental substantiation of the corrosion rate of pipe steel

Mikhail A. Belostotsky, Anatoly M. Korolenok



Research of influence of heat treatment on metallophysical properties of metal of welded seams

Nikolay G. Goncharov, Alexey A. Yushin, Oleg I. Kolesnikov, Grigory V. Nesterov, lexander I. Azarin

Commodity-transport operations and metrological support


Study of the physical, chemical and rheological properties of oil mixtures transported through the Uzen Atyrau Samara pipeline

Berik K. Sayakhov, Alexander G. Didukh, Gulnara A. Gabsattarova, Marat D. Nasibulin, Zhasulan K. Nauruzbekov


Development of a centralized approach to conducting interlaboratory proficiency tests

Svetlana V. Gabova, Anastasiya . Trusagina, Mikhail E. Artemov

Fire and industrial safety


Research of design solutions of water cooling systems for tanks

Sergey N. Morozov, Vadim V. Taganov, Dmitry V. Kalachinsky, Dmitry . Ivanchenko



Assessment of the contribution of the air-vapor mixture volume exceeding over the volumes injected to oil and petroleum product losses from evaporation

Alexey . Korshak, Andrey A. Korshak

Materials and equipment


Optimization of the design of the pig launcher-receiver chambers of cleaning and diagnostic tools

Ilya A. Flegentov, Alexey V. Kuleshov

Technical regulation


Improving reliability of shut-off and control fittings in main pipelines using a quality management mechanism

Oleg V. Aralov, Ivan V. Buyanov, Sergey I. Vyunov, Anatoly M. Korolenok