Vol. 11 № 6, 2021


Article name, authors

Design, construction and operation


Improvement of allowable working pressure calculation methodology for process pipelines

Artur A. Amerkhanov, Semen N. Maslikov, Dmitry E. Burundukov, Alexander A. Sergaev, Vitaly A. Pilit


Assessment of parameters of fiber-optics systems for leakage occurrence monitoring to provide their operation reliability

Sergey A. Mozhaev, Sergey A. Korshunov, Anton M. Chionov


Methodology for evaluation of organic deposits thermal conduction using laboratory facility Wax Flow Loop

Pavel Y. Ilyushin, Kirill A. Vyatkin, Anton V. Kozlov, Alyona O. Votinova


Increase of depressant additives effectiveness during transportation of paraffin and high pour point oils

Alexander Y. Lyapin, Vladimir O. Nekuchaev, Alexander V. Bakanov, Mikhail M. Mikheev, Pavel V. Fedorov

Strength, reliability, durability


Assessment of inrush wave hydrodynamic effect and volume of overflow over walls of dyking

Alexander E. Gonchar, Vladislav N. Slepnev, Andrey A. Bogach

Economics and management


Assessment of territory’s provision with oil pipeline and oil product pipeline infrastructure

Irina Y. Kirsanova


Modern approaches to simulation of control intelligent systems. Part 1. From analogue processes to neural synthesis

Igor V. Lyamkin, Anna А. Kostyashina

Technical regulation


Research on quality management mechanisms applied in Asia-Pacific region

Oleg V. Aralov, Sergey I. Vyunov, Vladimir Y. Tuzov

Corrosion protection


Study of methods for assessing the rate of external corrosion for buried pipelines

Larisa P. Khudyakova, Rustam А. Kharisov, Alexander А. Shestakov, Ilshat R. Farkhetdinov