Vol. 12 № 1, 2022


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Industry development: information


Human capital assets of the future: results of the III (XV) International Scientific and Technical Conference of the Youth of Transneft PJSC and member organizations of the International Association of Oil Transporters

Pipeline repair


Information and analytical support for planning the replacement of linear part sections of main oil pipelines

Alexander G. Voronov, Yury V. Lisin, Dmitry A. Neganov, Nikolay E. Zorin, Pavel V. Korotkevich

Strength, reliability, durability


Permissible out-of-straightness criterion for operated defect-free pipeline

Victor M. Varshitsky, Semen N. Maslikov, Eldar N. Figarov

Design, construction and operation


Thermal engineering calculations of support foundation grounds for main oil pipelines in permafrost areas

Eduard А. Pelikh, Alexey А. Korotkov, Leonid V. Grigoriev, Alexey Y. Gunar



Improvement of methodology for calculating residual welding stresses in weld zone of main pipelines

Alexey M. Pokrovskii, Egor I. Dubovitskii

Power industry and electrical equipment


Way to reduce the operating costs of oil pumping through the use of drag reducing agents

Alexey L. Bulygin, Nikita N. Golunov, Mikhail V. Lurie, Еkaterina O. Shtanko

Corrosion protection


Magnetometry-based mathematical modeling of transient resistance of cathode polarized pipeline

Vladimir N. Krizsky, Pavel N. Aleksandrov, Alexey A. Kovalskii, Sergey V. Viktorov

Commodity-transport operations and metrological support


Estimation of uncertainty using the example of measurements of the mass fraction of sulfur in the oil flow

Andrey Y. Dyachenko


Assessment of the impact of increased intake of Yarega oil on the quality of freight traffics in the system of main oil pipelines

Alexander Y. Lyapin, Alexander V. Bakanov, Alexander V. Astakhov

Automatics, telecom engineering and communication


Software and hardware complex for testing automatic control systems based on pipeline hydrodynamic model

Anatoly Y. Martynov, Maxim S. Lukyanenko, Sergey F. Maltsev, Valeria N. Sivashova, Eugeny S. Chuzhinov, Vitaly A. Shvechkov, Anton S. Balchenko

Economics and management


Sufficiency and redundancy of oil transportation tariff under crises and oil turbulence conditions

Pavel Y. Serikov, Nadezhda V. Goncharova, Irina P. Serikova, Dmitry N. Barmin