Vol. 12 3, 2022 p 302 - 312


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Application of modern computer-aided design systems for oil and gas facilities in educational process

Anatoly M. Korolenok a, Denis N. Komarov a, Mikhail Y. Temis b, c, Nikita O. Sokolov a, c, Vladislav S. Bessonov a, Eugeny S. Shchirov a

a Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University), 65 Leninsky Prospect, Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation
b P2T Engineering, LLC, 22/2-142 Perovskaya Str., Moscow, 111398, Russian Federation
c State Research Center Central Institute of Aviation Motors named after P. I. Baranov, 2 Aviamotornaya Str., Moscow, 111116, Russian Federation

DOI: 10.28999/2541-9595-2022-12-3-302-312

Abstract: Appearance, development and spreading of Computer-aided Design systems (CAD) in the modern production facilities has significantly changed an engineers design activities. Therefore educational programs of technical universities should include teaching of students using these systems, allowing for, among others, creation of electronic versions of design and process documents. This paper set and solves the problem of implementing the technology of creation of a digital twin of oil and gas facility in the education process as part of a course in design using modern Russian CAD systems. Creation of a digital twin of industrial facility is implemented as part of term paper on the discipline Oil and petroleum products storage facilities, written by the students of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. Modern national CAD systems are used as application tools: Model Studio CS Pipelines, CADLib Model and Archive, CPIPE. As part of CAD implementation in the educational process, the term paper was extended with an additional part that includes 3D-model of oil depot with all technological facilities and their piping, object database and results of the analysis of stress-strain state of piping. Use of modern CAD systems provides for detailing of geometric and calculation models in accordance with the requirements of design and detailed documentation, allows students to master new sections of the said documentation during the educational process at the level sufficient for the demands of modern production facility.

Keywords: computer-aided design systems, course designing, geometric modeling, 3D-modeling, strength calculation, digital twin

For citation:
Korolenok A. M., Komarov D. N., Temis M. Y., Sokolov N. O., Bessonov V. S., Shchirov E. S. Application of modern computeraided design systems for oil and gas facilities in educational process. Science & Technologies: Oil and Oil Products Pipeline Transportation. 2022;12(3):302312. https://doi.org/10.28999/2541-9595-2022-12-3-302-312

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